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fuels growth. And growth is necessary for companies. This is made possible only when the community grows too. We want to ensure this happens by building better and more progressive homes with top quality building materials, and delivering new experiences and benefits to our homeowners. Ambition delivers results. For all.

consists years of experience and wisdom put to practical use to positively impact how our homeowners experience our products. Because people invest precious time and their hard-earned money in our homes, we need to ensure their experience is positive and memorable. With know-how, we build homes which we are satisfied with first.

comes from within us and is a quality we wish to share in all our offerings. At the root of it all, goodness drives the company to deliver experience that nurture and enrich families, the community and society. And so, goodness is good.

are the results of painstaking work to ensure every product is as perfect as it can be. From planning to procurement, construction to delivery, every step leads to a final outcome. Which means we are accountable from Day 1

Our Vision
Continuously and Consistently building our reputation through developing Quality, Elegant and Value.

Our Mission
We are emphasizing on delivering excellent services with quality property through constant innovation improvements, proper business planning and full participation of all employee and to share with our investors and partners the best returns.

Venn group is set to take its capability and experience into new areas. Expansion into commercial, high-rises and townships are our ultimate aim. The team, resources and network are in place to drive the group forward, but always with the focus on the home and business owner for whom we will be creating the environment of prosperity and growth.
  • Customer focus
  • People driven
  • Team players/li>
  • Lead by example
  • Results oriented
  • Work smart
  • Act with integrity/li>
  • Always do the right thing
  • Have fun
This is our promise to remain faithful to values that never change and to remember who we are and what we stand for...
Project Types & Concepts Bonding With Stakeholders Unique Buying Proposition
We currently focus on the building of communities around Terrace, Semi-D and Bungalow homes that enable new buyers to purchase the home of their dreams at an affordable price. We can do this because of the pride in our workmanship and that the purchaser is buying directly from the developer, the Venn Group. We understand that to achieve our goals of making affordable and quality housing available in Penang that it requires a team effort, both inside and outside of the Venn Group. Thatís why we place such an emphasis on creating strong alliances with our stakeholders. From Architect to Interior Designer, from Bankers to Engineers, we build a group of professionals whose measure of success is happy home owners. So Why Buy A Venn Group Home?
  • We focus on quality and building homes, not houses.
  • We build the homes we would wish to live in.
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